The Endurance Challenge Awards 2019

powered by Lets Do This 

Sponsored by Womens Health Magazine and Runners World.

We were so delighted and surprised to be nominated for the Runners World 'Most Inspiring Women' 2019 Endurance Challenge Awards and more delighted to have been voted into second place.

We are ordinary women striving to do our normal full time jobs along side running our Pacific row campaign,training, safety courses, always learning and taking on new roles and challenges! Our aim is to lead by example and show people that anything is possible! We were so humbled by the support and energy that our families and friends brought to our campaign, each vote was gained by personal connections and face to face campaigning - Thank you

Lets Do this are on a mission to help people get involved in epic events. Whether you’re looking for a 5k fun run or a double Ironman triathlon, they list more mass-participation sports events than any other website on the planet. These include running, triathlon, cycling, obstacle racing, swimming, and many others.

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