We would love you to sponsor us!

Although we have raised a great deal of our funds from corporate sponsorship and generous personal donations, we still have some costs to cover and a huge target to meet raising much-needed funds for our charities.

If you would like to get behind us and give us an extra push (with any amount, small or large) it would help more than you know!

Here are just some of the items we have to buy to get us from San Francisco to Hawaii!

We each need a dry suit in case (God forbid!) we have to evacuate the boat and deploy the saftey raft) or if it gets extremely cold. to prevent hypothermia.

A life-saving piece of equipment! And an expensive one at £600 per suit!

We wil fuel ourselves with dehydrated food rations. Accounting for a calorie requirement of 4,000 per day, our food budget is around £8,000!

Sponsor a day's worth of food for the crew for £90.

Our life jackets are non-negotiable.

They cost £450 each.

Each one has a self-contained AIS unit to transmit our position back to the boat, a light, whistle and manual inflation tue in case the pull cord doesn't work!

Sponsor a mile!

We hope to cover somewhere between 30-40 miles per day.

Each miles 'costs' around £40!

Our parachute anchor (cost £1200) is a vital piece of kit that when deployed holds up to a tonne of water! It will keep us from drifting too far off course when the weather conditions are too bad to row.

We won't get anywhere without a rowing seat!

And we will need to take plenty of spare runners and bearings in case they break  or corrode. Each seat costs £80.

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