Orlagh's Why

Because when opportunity knocks, you answer, accept and rise to the challenge.

In order to find new limits, I have to push past the only ones I know.

Honestly, the number one reason why I agree to challenges, or get involved in events is because “no, I couldn’t do that”, has never entered my mind.

I believe this comes from being truly blessed with the family I have, where "you can’t" or “it’s not possible” were never phrases that were heard in our house.

This upbringing and stubbornness has resulted in me completing many things that previously, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of doing, nor would I think I actually wanted to.

The more experience I gain through living away from home and meeting new people every day from all backgrounds, all cultures, religions I realize more and more how lucky I am to live the life I live. I’m young(ish), fit and able to complete anything I set my mind to, I have no limitations laid on me in any capacity, only the ones I choose to put on myself. I realize that I am lucky, and it is such a privilege to live this way, so my aim is to never take it for granted, never to pass up on an opportunity that many others could only ever dream of.

When I sit down and think “why” I want to complete this challenge, a lot of mixed emotions come to mind. First and foremost I want to complete this crazy race to show that anything is possible. If one is person is positively affected by The Girls Who Dare Team, if one person becomes inspired to push forward and break boundaries then I think we have achieved our goal of making someone dream, dare and do it.

I also want to complete this because I simply think I can. Will it be hard? Of course, and I will probably be eating my words 2 days in, but I will never doubt my ability to adapt and push forward.

I want to embrace every single moment on the boat, the rock bottom lows, and the ultimate highs. When times get tough, I’ll think about why I started this, I'll think about those who aren't offered the same opportunities, and pull another stroke.

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