Kat's WHY? (Why on earth!?!)

My ‘why’ is two fold. 1. I just love a challenge 2. I want my nieces to grow up feeling empowered and having the self belief that they can strive to achieve anything.

I love a challenge! I am always up for something new, something that pushes me – I am very unsatisfied sitting back, getting comfy – unless it’s on my sofa with Greys anatomy and a gin and tonic, then I am happy to get comfy!!

I have always strived to be more, do more, and aim high. I have wanted to be a doctor since forever. On my way to that I had to do a maths degree. I was going to be a swimmer during sixth form which may have got in the way of nailing my A-levels (don’t tell my parents I’m admitting that!). So I went on to do postgraduate medicine and then fought to get my foundation jobs in Oxford, then my core surgical jobs and then my registrar jobs – each coming as a surprise to me as Oxford is the most competitive area to work. I have done lots along the way; written a book, rowed in international regattas, done volunteer work in India, a trauma post in South Africa – where I terrifyingly abseiled off table mountain, to name but a few, and always there is an insatiable appetite for more! I think I may have met my match with the Pacific!

The second part to my ‘why’ is my nieces. When chatting to my 4 year old niece about what she wants to be when she grows up she asked me what I did; I replied that I was a doctor she replied ‘you can’t be a doctor, only boys are doctors, girls are nurses’. I was really shocked by this response. I was surprised that in the 21st century a child would still have these misconceptions. It became my mission to show her and her little sister that there are no limits on what they could do, what they could dream and no mould or glass ceiling they need to conform to.

My two nieces are amazing! Their dad, my brother is in the Royal Engineers so is often away on tours leaving my sister-in-law and my parents working hard to bring up 2 delightful, intelligent humans. I watch them selflessly give their time, love and efforts to grow these little monsters and am in awe of them. I would love to do something to give back to others. If I can help empower, encourage, or give confidence/self belief to even just one person that would be enough for me. As well as with all our fundraising which will help in a much broader capacity. Also if these little girls can watch me succeed in this challenge of a lifetime, hopefully it will encourage them to push their limits and dream big. I want them to grow up in a world where they see that anything is possible and they don’t need to be held back by any preconceived ideas or barriers.

So my why is rather simple, just my life which has brought me to this point!


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