Jane's Why!

My motivation for taking on challenges has always changed depending on the experience in question but my values and enjoyment of doing things that push my potential, never have.

I have always tried to put myself in other peoples shoes, it grounds me and highlights how fortunate I am to have the colour passport I have, to be living where I am, to have access to things I desire and to make the choices I am at liberty to make.

I have travelled and worked abroad witnessing cruelty first hand. I’ve watched the reality of some females’ worlds unfold, knowing exactly what they have to endure.

Who are forced into an ugly and less beautiful world than mine because of the colour of their passport. They have to live without a voice and they certainly don’t get the choice to taste freedom as I know it to be. 

My 'why' for taking on this incredible challenge is simple. My life permits me the freedom to have a choice. From a young age I have had a natural affinity for challenging my perceived limits and I haven’t found anything to date where I simply cannot carry on or where the sheer physicality and mental demands have been reduced to the point where it makes me want to quit or stop. 

If this opportunity allows me to inspire just one person, who may be far less privileged than I am, or if I can be a figure that represents the freedom and voice that every person should have then this challenge will be both a success and a platform for me to continue to inspire others to dream, dare, DO. 

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