But you trained yesterday....!!

Lots of people often look at me with an air of confusion and say ‘but you trained yesterday?!

Sport for me is my time. It’s the time for me when I am not a colleague, a sounding board, a doctor, a mentor, a daughter, an aunt, I am me, and I can just be.

Sport has always played a large part in my life. My parents were very sporty, my dad playing rugby well into his 50th season! I have 3 brothers, again, all very sporty and competitive. We grew up between swimming galas, rugby clubs and on building sites – not for the faint hearted!

So really it is no wonder that I strive for mental and physical challenges and push myself hard to succeed.

My job is also competitive and demanding. It requires resilience and mental toughness. These qualities are expected, they aren’t taught, considered or questioned until people are reach breaking point, this has to be the wrong way round – prevention is better than the cure.

My escape, and method of managing, is with sport. I need sport, I crave sport and without it I can often feel like I am drowning.

We all have our own ways of managing and coping with stresses and escaping. Take time to consider what your ways are and make sure you allow yourself time for you!


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