World records and right arms...🏆💪🏼

If @guinessworldrecords had a category for right arm rowing from San Francisco to Hawaii, we’d win it.

The ongoing tough weather conditions coupled with the fact that we steer our boat manually (foot plate and oars) means that our progress has been slower than we’d hoped. Trying to keep a West bearing means hours and hours of rowing with one arm only.

So we’re facing the prospect that the World Record might not be within our reach and adjusting our expectations as much as we can 😕 it’s not out of the question, but it will takeaway HUGE effort every day. Our goals were never solely about the record (much as we’d love to take it home) we set out to inspire others (and particularly young girls and other women) to DREAM big and DO more. Your support right from the start has been overwhelming and truly humbling. The donations are coming in and the word is spreading and that’s all we could have ever asked for.

Watch this space for’s not over until it’s over...😉