What does an Ocean Rower look like?

Today we had our first seminar/briefing session with the Great Pacific Race organisers - and our first opportunity to meet the other crew members.

Hands up if you think most ocean rowers are male? In fact, 7 out of the 11 participants this year are female.

Hands up if you think an ocean rower would be tall, athletic, salty, rugged - someone who lives their life in a marine environment and who has a few screws loose.

Well, you’d be quite wrong (except for the screw loose part)…and of course there are some who have rowed oceans before, but there are also rugby players, cross-fitters, PE teachers, Mums, Barre Instructors…!

Girls Who Dare are the outsiders, by a long way. We have no ocean rowing, or even maritime experience whatsoever. We have learned everything from scratch, raised every penny of sponsorship and quite literally made it up as we went along.

But here we are, 17 days away from becoming Ocean Rowers. You can do WHATEVER you set your mind to, you just have to want it badly enough.