Waves upon waves

Who knew there were so many different types of waves?

Sitting on the oars yesterday while we could still row, I found myself studying them hard - mostly to avoid capsize, but partly because it’s so mesmerising how powerful they are.

There are the small ones that collide with each other to form little whirlpools in the foam. There are giant ones that pick you up in their 30ft swell for a rollercoaster ride down the crest on the other side. There are enormous waves that look like they are going to wipe you out, but stop just short of the boat and fizzle out like a cheap firework. There are some that slide right underneath you like a magician’s tablecloth trick.

The worst ones are the unsuspecting waves that look harmless, but break just on the edge of the boat, sending their salty fingers out to spray you from head to toe.
Our feet are in 10 inches of water at times until the bilge pump can drain it away.
This our crash course in deep sea ocean rowing...