The Prologue Race...

We knew this was always going to be a rough ride. We’ve prepped in every way possible, but we have never been out on our boat in rough weather conditions. We’ve never tested our sea legs, or our ability to deal with the physical onslaught of high winds and strong currents.

Today was that day. We were all sick as dogs. I was just a bit sicker than your average dog. But the thing with rowing 4,000km in open ocean unaided is that your life depends on being able to function through it.

Over the course of 6 hours (and in between 9 or 10 bouts of vomiting) we had to complete the following:

Send SMS via InReach to Race Control

Call Race Control using an Iridium phone

Communicate with support yacht via VHF

Complete a man over board drill

Collect a piece of ocean trash

Make at least 1 x US Gallon of water using the water maker

Plot a way point in GPS and navigate to it.

Send a video using our BGAN.

Deploy our para anchor

Deploy drogues

Make a meal and eat it

If you’ve ever been really sick, you’ll know that all you want to do is lie down in a dark room. For us, that is simply not an option.

To say I’m proud of how we handled ourselves today is a huge understatement. We were calm, we were strong, we were patient with each other, we looked after each other. We laughed until we cried. We worked through it all; the shock, the discomfort, the list of jobs we had to do, the steps we had to take to stay upright and keep moving.

It passes. Everything does in the end, it’s what you do in the meantime that counts.

We set off in 2 days (weather permitting). We won’t be able to return for a nights sleep in a hotel room or a meal in a café.

This is it. This is what we have for 60 days. But that’s ok because we have each other