The Calm before the Storm…

We’ve been lucky to stay at the incredible St James Resort for free, thanks to a generous friend who has a time share here.


And while it is pure heaven, I’m not going to lie, its something of a shock to the system. We are not taking for granted how fortunate we are (given the situation the world is in) to be here and the stark difference between living in pure luxury for two weeks and then in utter discomfort for 8 weeks is forefront of our minds. Added to that, the resort is extremely quiet and we are exhausted - we have spent much of the first day napping in between gym sessions!


In the same way as an eerie, disconcerting calmness often precedes a storm, we find ourselves floating around for the first time many, MANY months without any real focus. Trying to take the opportunity to relax, recharge and yet somehow missing the frantic world we just left. Feeling pretty discombobulated on so many levels!


But we will adjust, adapt overcome…ride the calm waves -and be ready for the storm when it comes.