T-10 days

T-10 days and it’s all starting come together. I love a plan - and I LOVE a good list.

But writing lists and plans for things you have no prior experience and very little knowledge of is at best delusional, at worst making it up as you go along. But in truth, this whole process has been one huge learning curve, making decisions without any real foundation, guesswork, trial and error, gleaning information from every available source (most of which conflict with each other!).

Chris Martin (and his cremate Mick Dawson) were the first men to row across the North Pacific Ocean in 2010. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience and we’ve been lucky enough to lease our boat from him and spend time with him learning our craft. But from the outset, Chris has been determined not to hand-hold us or offer information up. He has made us carve our own path and think on our own feet. At times that has been frustrating and time-consuming, but in the end it has been invaluable.

Today we sat with him to go through our pre-race plan. To go over checklists and make sure we hadn’t missed anything. He nodded and (true to character) said very little. Which was music to our ears. It meant that he (quietly) approved. And he reassured us that he wouldn’t let us leave if he didn’t think we were ready. I felt a huge surge of pride.

We have only 4 precious days in San Francisco before we start the race. Every second will count and we won’t be able to go back if we’ve forgotten something.

Finally we’ve started to feel like maybe we do know what we’re doing…and the difference between where we were at the outset and where we are now is unimaginable. You really can do ANYTHING you set your mind to - especially if you have the right people behind you.