Packing to go anywhere is a real drag. But packing to go on a 60 day self-sufficient ocean rowing trip is another level. We have been extremely organised in the run up to leaving and packing the boat ready for shipping. Everything was carefully researched, bought and paid for. When Jane and I arrived in San Francisco, Orlagh was quick to tell us that she thought there were items missing. Things that she could only find one of, not three. Obvious key items that she had searched high and low for - in every compartment, several times. We simply thought they would pop up somewhere.

But they didn’t.

There is no other explanation than that the items have been stolen - either in the UK, or the US, or in transit somewhere between the two.

To say we are devastated is an understatement. All the hours of careful planning, research, the expense - and now the delay as we race around San Francisco trying to recover many essential items before we leave - when we have SO much already to do seems so unnecessarily wasted.

But, there’s always a silver lining - and after we had dealt with our frustration in our own individual ways, it simply strengthened our resolve and our team bond and we began to work out a plan to overcome the situation. We sat late into the night, having been delayed for so much of the day, packing food bags into our hatches, singing to our favourite music and laughing.

We borrowed a car from someone and hit Target to gather what we could and make new lists, sat together at midnight finding what we could for next day delivery on Amazon - and then set about making up snack packs into the small hours. So much for banking sleep, eating well and priming ourselves for an arduous task ahead - I’m beginning to think the row itself will be a breeze!