Only 12 days away

Podcasts and emotional rollercoasters...

Today we recorded another Podcast episode and it got me in the emotional department. Kevin Bassett, an Avanade legend who lives in Canada, has been hosting our Podcast recordings and he’s utterly brilliant at getting us to open up, to visualise what’s to come and to recall even the tiniest detail of the journey so far.

Today, amongst a variety of different subjects, he asked us to think about how we would feel about arriving in Hawaii and what or who we would want as we stepped off the boat at Waikiki Yacht Club. I went last and as he prompted me to answer he referred to how much it would mean having waited so long and worked so hard for that moment…and I choked up. I had a sudden surge of emotion thinking about what an enormous relief that would be, how glad I would be that I hadn’t given up, how worthwhile every small battle had been, how rewarding it would be to get to the finish line as 3 novice ocean rowers - and a glimpse of success in achieving what we set out to do - inspire others (especially young girls) to dream big and dare to do more.

I have thought so many times about stepping off the boat to the people I love (please God let them be there!) and into their arms, but this time it felt so real.

And at the end of the podcast, Kevin asked if he could introduce us to his wife and daughters who he had told about our endeavour and who were in awe of what we were doing. We were beaming. All of us. And that’s what this is all about. That little ripple that becomes a huge big wave. All we have to do is tell our story (thank goodness we have Kevin - and many others) to help us do that in the most far-reaching ways possible.

Things are starting to come together. Starting to make sense. Starting to feel real. We are THIS close to the start line. The day I never thought would come is only 12 days away…