Ocean rowing is not what it says on the tin

Ocean rowing isn’t really very much about rowing at all.
It’s about mental tenacity, managing sleep deprivation, calming fears, it’s about teamwork,  reading the waves, checking systems, keeping routines, managing physical decline, looking after your skin, adapting, accepting, learning.
And when it comes to the rowing part, it doesn’t really resemble ‘normal’ rowing at all.
Rarely do you get both oars in the water at the same time for a smooth catch, sometimes you’re not adding anything to the speed of the boat by being on the oars, you’re just using every bit of strength you have to keep the boat on course. Sometimes you have to pull with one oar and push with the other. For the majority of our time on the water so far, we’ve rowed predominantly with our right oar which has a knock on effect to how the rest of your body functions. Today we’re on anchor again because the conditions won’t even allow us to row, but we’re hoping to be in the trade winds by the weekend, to get into our stride again and start closing that gap to Hawaii 🙌🏼🍍🌺