My Why

I’m not your typical ‘athlete’. I came to exercise quite late in life, never really having played in team sports or knowing what my physical potential could be.

After a decade in advertising, that changed. I began to prioritise my mental and physical health, my well-being, as a means to un-do all the years of late nights and long hours I had spent at a desk, on a shoot or in an edit suite.

I discovered barre and started running. I discovered a stubbornness and determination I didn’t know I had. The runs turned into marathons and two years later I had re-trained and set up @barreworks (now @barrecollective) I had even trained @nycballet 😳

I felt like a total imposter.

10 years later, my Studio was thriving, I was doing regular weight lifting and military fitness and continually finding new levels I could push myself to.

My mental strength grew too and I found the courage to leave a 20 year relationship. I had no idea how to run my life.

I felt like a total imposter.

I took on cycling sportives and fitness comps and reluctantly applied to be one of the first females on Channel 4’s @sas.whodareswins

I faced my fears of water and heights and reached the final.

I was proud as hell but I felt like a total imposter.

After SASWDW I was asked if I’d like to row an ocean. I had become addicted to open doors of opportunity and said ‘yes’ immediately. I had no idea what an ocean row really was.

24 hours away from leaving the UK to begin this epic journey and I still feel like a total imposter.

I was asked earlier today what I would tell my 18 year old self. My answer was:

"not to believe that you are the person others may tell you you are. Find your path in life, face your fears. Feel like an imposter and do it anyway. We all have the opportunity to choose, to grow, to learn and to reach our full potential.
Grab it with both hands."
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