My Recent Nightmares..

We’ve capsized..
I’m on the oars and Orla and Vicki are in the cabin the boat hasn’t self righted and I’m bopping up and down
Waves crashing all over the place
I’m thinking if they are both in the cabin with the door locked why isn’t it self righting.
I’m getting angry holding onto the boat
Please just spin around
(It’s obviously pitch black because no nightmare happens in fricking daylight).
I’m thinking ...... what to do
Why haven’t they come out ...
where the f!@% are they
oh my god they’re trapped and running out of air.
I have to save them.
Then I wake up.......

Orla and Vic are on the oars I’m in the cabin having a sleep
I hear Vic scream...
A piercingly loud long scream
I open the hatch door and a shark has bitten orlas arm off just below the shoulder.
She’s still sat upright ... her hand and wrist is still attached to the oar
There’s just a huge chunk missing, and her shoulder skin is flapping around
Vic’s still screaming
I tell her calmly to go inside the cabin to call mayday on the radio
Orla is still sat there starring down at her arm there’s blood firing out everywhere ... she hasn’t made a squeak
I stare at her making strong eye contact
Look at me
Keep looking at me
think of your favourite person in the world
as I try and drag her body into the cabin....
she’s still not said a word.
I wake up!