My Inner Critic

It’s our last night here in Antigua before we leave for the final leg of our journey to San Francisco tomorrow.

As I was packing my bag, I found this little guy, who I had forgotten I’d brought with me. My Inner Critic.

I made him during a coaching session I did a year or so ago to discover and tell my story ahead of my Ted Talk. The purpose was to identify and silence the negative voices we all have in our heads that lead to insecurity and self doubt. And in spite of outward appearances, I have plenty of those.

I had an overwhelming feeling earlier today that as we approach the start line, I was coming to the end of the line. That for two years I had been quashing the feelings of being a total imposter taking on an ocean row, by simply getting on with the next task and the next task. And now there were increasingly few tasks left before I had to step on that boat and take the oars and just f**king do it.

So I sat with my Inner Critic and stared at his squashed up little face mentally battling his words that I was about to be found out. And I said the same two unrepeatable words I had said to him when I first made him. When he told me I wasn’t good enough. When he asked me “who do you think you are?”...