My changing dreams

I’ve been having a recurring dream every single off-shift (so 4 times a day) that we’re about to start the race. I wake up and with a mixture of shock and disbelief I realise we already have and we’re on day 2/5/7/11 etc., With only minutes to get up, put on my wet weather gear and get out on deck, there’s never any time to adapt to the fact that we’re finally here, that THIS is happening.

Finally the dream has a stopped. I guess my sub conscious has caught up. All the months and years of build up, anticipation, postponement, expectation, fear of never actually getting to the start line is over. Now we just have to do it. Every damn day.

Thankfully ‘normal’ dreams can resume. Like the one I had last night about opening a gym inside a fruit and veg shop while Barbara Windsor (R.I.P) took photographs...