Message from Simon

Hello You Three,

Below are the abbreviated text messages.  You're so nearly in the proper NE Trades, and they should start to veer right and get more behind you today, slowly for the next 24-36 hrs, then more solidly from Wed. You've slogged through one of the largest light & shite patches I've ever seen for this part of the world (I've been sending yachts weather for this region since about 2011) so well done on dealing with it with so much grit & determination.

The patch may have put the WR at risk, but that's out of your hands, you can only deal with what you get.  This makes the whole ocean record thing very difficult, because you can put all the effort in the world in but just not get the right weather.  It's still not completely gone, just a lot more difficult than it was 2 weeks ago.  

What you can do however is keep doing what you have done so well - look after yourselves & your boat, and work steadily & hard through it. Over the next few days as you move deeper & deeper into the Trades life will get a whole lot better.