Leaving loved ones

Before I left I chatted to a friend of mine who is also a therapist. I talked to her about homesickness and how hard it was going to be to say goodbye to friends and most of all to my boyfriend, Mel.

She used an incredible analogy about how acute those feelings can be - like a tidal wave washing over you that consumes you and throws you off your feet. But, she said, over time, that wave will dissipate until eventually you can stand in it gently washing around your feet.

At times I think about the 2 months and 15 days we still have left until we see those people we love again. It seems like an impossibly long time. It physically hurts to be apart from people you love and see every day. And while I know it will get worse once we are on the ocean with little or no connectivity, I also know it will get easier.

So today I invented a game in my head. That the only way I get to see those people again is by flying from Antigua to San Francisco, then rowing to Hawaii. So as if I didn’t have enough reasons to complete this incredible journey, I’ve just added another to my list. Hold tight, I’m on my way…