Keeping our perspectives of why we are doing the race

When the world starts to appear the same everywhere you look, it helps us to have a perspective reminder. Why we’re doing this, how we want to measure success and what our single minded purpose is. Our designated roles, rules and routines give us much-needed structure when one shift blends into another, when we don’t know what day it is, let alone the date or time. And sat in the corner of the photo is our ‘inner critic’. A kind of anti-team mascot. Representing self doubt, the nay-sayers, the guy in San Francisco who unhelpfully suggested that we make good friends with the coastguard before we left ‘because you’re gonna need it’ 🖕🏼our own self-sabotage. By giving that a face (and even a name) we can turn the tables and ridicule it with our unshakable resolve to reach Hawaii and our promise to do so with #girlswhodare spirit 💪🏼