How hard is hard?

Everyone is talking about how hard the race is going to be.

We know our bodies are going to break down - hands, bums, backs, probably feet too. We know we will be sleep deprived, hungry - and we know we are going to have to dig deep mentally to get through the monotony.

But we also know we’re made of strong stuff. Jane and I have had a few chats about whether we think this will be the hardest thing we’ve ever done. We’re pretty sure it will be - certainly in terms of the length of time we will be under duress without let up, but we are also quite used to a high volume of training - and over a period of years and years. A few people have asked us how long we’ve been training for the row - we replied almost in unison ‘our whole lives’.

Trying to compare or understand what someone else’s ‘hard’ is, is almost impossible. And the bottom line is that we will find out. In 7 days, we will find out.

Will we decide (when we take out last strokes across the finish line) that it was harder or easier than we expected? How will we adapt over time, what will the measure of difficulty be - and what will our new level of physical potential become?

Follow us - and delve into the performance data we’re capturing along the way to find out.