Four of my toughest days ever!

I have never found it so hard to function as a human being.
It has taken me 4 days to be able to write this.
4 days struggling to eat and not be sick, to get basic bodily functions ‘completed’.
Adapting to living on the ocean is way harder than I thought. I’ve only been able to communicate with one person so far, relaying basic info.
But there have been magical moments too - a shooting star over our boat on the start line. A whale! A shark fin circling the boat. Dolphins!
We lost VHF at one point with 4 large vessels encircling us.
Since losing sight of land, I’ve been playing a game that I’m rowing in a bathtub to avoid the inconceivable thought that there is 11,000ft of water beneath us.
I cried earlier listening to James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain’ the lyrics ‘but I always thought that I’d see you again’ which made me feel so homesick.
But we’re working so well as a team. Supporting each other at every moment, through every stroke and every bout of sickness.
We spent last night on parachute anchor because the darkness and the waves were too much. Today the sun out and we’re surfing the waves.
All I want to do is row (which stops me feeling sick) or lie down in the cabin (which stops me feeling sick) but we have to eat, make water, check AIS for other boats, use the VHF to make contact, clean ourselves, use the bathroom bucket and keep a constant check on our course. Our GPS and boat compass don’t match up so we spent a while rowing in circles before we worked out what was what. We have an amazing support team behind us sending us info on our position and performance, incoming weather and all manner of reassurances and messages of love. They mean everything right now.