Day 7 - Drifting

A 48 hour slumber party in a tiny cabin barely big enough for one, let alone 3 wasn’t what I had in mind for days 5-7 of the race. Back on para anchor again, and the weather too bad to even use the jetboil, we snacked on pretzels, coke and chocolate (at least I managed to keep it all down) and barely moved for two days. The cabin is hot and humid, but opening the hatch even for air risks a huge wave crashing through so we daren't risk it. Running the gauntlet (the bucket at the bow end of the boat) is a massive gamble, so we lie cross-legged and count down the hours with a few podcasts and inane chat. Every now and then we think things have improved enough to get back on the oars and then a crashing wave hits the side of the boat with such a force we wonder how many more the boat can tolerate. But she does.
Occasionally we get a wave smashing directly into the front or back hatch of the cabin which brings in a bit of water - a reminder that nothing is ever 100% watertight. But we trust the boat, trust the process, trust each other and hold tight.