Day 6 - The hardest night

Last night was the hardest night of my life - and I’ve experienced an night of SAS interrogation. That has nothing on this. Forced onto our para anchor again, the three of us we huddled into our stern cabin (6ft by 4ft) to shelter from the high winds and waves that made rowing a pretty scary option. The sound and force of the waves at times felt like something was colliding with us. Such is the power of Mother Nature. And the shell of the cabin puts us just a few daunting inches away from the dark stormy waters that surround us. But it was a great lesson in trusting our boat. Realising that this is what she is made to withstand and protect us from. We woke to find that we had lost the screws that attach the steering line to the rudder. We spent a while assessing and working out if we could row without it. No chance. So we set about fixing it with a couple of keyrings and cable ties. Boom. Back on track and putting in 2kn.