Caribbean Health Screening

We had an unexpected appointment with Antigua’s official Reflexologist today on the beach in Mamora Bay. A chap called Piper who has been giving reflexology to clients of the St James resort for 35 years.

With slight trepidation that we were either going to be told things about our bodies that we didn’t want to hear just two weeks before departing across the ocean for 60 days, and an equally misguided notion that we going to benefit from a relaxing foot massage, we handed over our dollars and jumped on the sun lounger with child-like enthusiasm.

I was up first. I discovered that my ability to spread my toes means that I have a good sense of balance (handy in a capsize) but that I have a tendency to dehydration - slightly ‘sad’ kidneys. I also have a tired right retina. Too much screen time, tut-tut.

Jane’s hearing was a bit dodgy - a consequence of years in the Army (I thought I had been mumbling when she kept asking my to repeat myself).

But otherwise, a clean bill of health. Phew Carruthers.