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June 20, 2021

The girls have been taking a great course over the last 24 hours, 230GPS, and 34M which in these conditions is amazing. Advice to the girls is that miles made in slow conditions are much more valuable.

The satellite image shows more grey overcast with some embedded cumulus nearby, which may mean they get some showers.

Today should see the wind back L to NW 5-8 kts, which is challenging, and is likely to effect their course to the left a bit. The winds should stay light NW until Tuesday, and by Wednesday it will be back to N/NNW 6-10, and then NNE 10-15 on Thursday, which will be much better. Beyond then, the winds look light to moderate, mostly N/NNE until the end of the week. The following week should bring more NNE and start edging NE too.

Over the next week and a half or so, the girls should gradually be able to curve round to point at the finish (260GPS from where they are now).

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Steven Griffiths
This is definitely the date
Jo Hull
56 days and not a minute more - MAKE YOUR MAGIC HAPPEN!
Jane Leonard
Im donating to my own journey because i never ask anyone to do something i am not prepared to do myself. Also i LOVE to win a competition.. this is my guess. We are going to row as hard as we can ... thats the only clue i can give. The rest is up to the weather gods.

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