The Journey

A week-by-week breakdown of the race

The Journey

Week 1: In the first week the crew will be battling seasickness and adjusting to life on board; a new routine without the comforts of home. They'll also be pushing against bad conditions with the wind and tide trying to push them back onto land.

Week 2: As they start to get used to life on board, things change. The mental side really starts to kick in for the second week as they miss friends and family and inevitably question why they are there.

Week 3: As life becomes easier, so do the conditions. By the third week they should be in better weather, with warmer seas and following winds. Unfortunately the barnacles are starting to form on the boat by now, which means a dip into shark infested waters every few days. The waves are picking up, with previous crews reporting 40ft waves which are quite intimidating in a 24ft boat. The crew is now severely sleep deprived.

Week 5: Nearing Hawaii the weather heats up, suntans are needing a lot of attention and bum sores are causing pain with every stoke. Equipment failures will have happened by this point; which could be anything, so the crew has to be totally prepared for not knowing what will happen.

Week 8: That first glimpse of land will bring a sense of elation at succeeding and disappointment that the adventure is over. The peace of being at sea with nobody around will be replaced with cheers and hugs from family and friends as they dock at Honolulu, ready to take their first bite of fresh food in 60 days.

Orlagh, Jane & Vicki will never look at the ocean the same way again.

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