Mental resilience is the key to success


The crossing is part of the Great Pacific Race; the world's toughest endurance race.

With other crews going through the preparation and training, there will be support and solidarity amongst the teams in the build-up to the crossing.

The race itself has a support boat following the crews in case of emergency. If the support boat is used, the crew is disqualified.

Before they get to the start line Girls Who Dare will have undergone intensive training, including advanced navigation, sea survival, VHF Radio, first aid at sea and more. You can follow their preparation on instagram @girls.who.dare

Recognising that the main challenge is mental, alongside bespoke strength and conditioning coaching, the girls have also undertaken several months of mental resilience training and learned how to manage distraction and diversion from the task at hand, how to keep a calm head and most importantly how to understand and support each other at every stroke.

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