Life On Board The Boat

Each Crew member will be rowing 12 hours every day

Life On Board The Boat

Life will be lived in 3 hour shifts; 3 hours of rowing, and then 3 of sleeping, and repeat...

For 60 days.

The main part of the journey will be rowing, on the oars for 12 hours every day. When they finish a shift the crew will have some food (mostly freeze-dried meals and energy bars), get changed out of their wet kit into slightly less wet kit, quick wash with a baby wipe and into a sleeping bag.

The alarm goes on for 2hrs, they drift off, and then wake up to crewmates shouting their name; quick change into the wet kit, life jacket over the top, an arm goes out of the cabin to clip on to the safety harness and out they come for the next shift.

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