Challenge, Drive, Inspire

Empowering Others

Challenge, Drive, Inspire

Our purpose is to empower others to push for their dreams, move out of their comfort zones and reap the lifelong benefits to body and mind that sport can bring.

We want to be a relatable example to young girls showing that they can dream big, dare to believe in their dreams, and do whatever it takes to make those dreams a reality.


Girls Who Dare will be challenged physically, mentally and emotionally by the greatest force on earth, the ocean. We will be rowing 3 hours on and 3 hours off for 24 hours a day, eating dehydrated rations, battling extreme weather and up to 50 foot swells. We will be pushed to breaking point by sleep deprivation, physical and mental fatigue, salt sores, seasickness and weight loss. We will run the risk of encounters with sharks and other wildlife, as well as large ships.

We want our challenge to represent the big and small challenges we all face every day. We want young girls to see this and realise how many possibilities they have in life.  We want our resilience and all the ups and downs of our journey to be proof that we are all capable of more than we think.

Dream. Dare. Do

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