Vicki Anstey

  • Award-winning Founder of Barreworks Studio

  • SAS Who Dares Wins Finalist

  • Multi-discipline Athlete

  • Harlequins Foundation Ambassador

Vicki founded Barreworks, the UK’s first dedicated Barre and Ballet Studio in the UK, over 10 years ago. She has a dedicated following in South-West London and trains a vast array of clientele from ‘everyday’ individuals to elite-level athletes and everything in-between. She believes that every sport and every individual keen to improve their performance or movement patterns can learn a tremendous amount from the discipline of ballet and barre. Vicki won ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the RBRA Business Award in 2019.

Vicki is also co-Founder of The Business of Fitness. A unique coaching programme that guides fitness professionals through the process of establishing their own thriving fitness business.


Since her participation in SAS: Who Dares Wins (as one of the first ever women to reach the final stages), Vicki has become an advocate for women’s resilience, grit and determination.


Vicki’s inspiring personal story and journey to success in business and physical adventure have made her a sought after personality on the speaking circuit and she regularly records podcasts, writes for blogs and guest columns in a wide variety of media.

She delivered her first Ted Talk ‘Why Fear Is A Choice’ in 2020.


In September 2019, Vicki became the first women's Harlequins Foundation Ambassador

Vicki was recently announced Best Female Entrepreneur at the 2019 Richmond Business Awards.

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